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Over the years, we have rustled up thousands of plant based recipes. In the process we discovered many kitchen tools that we would be lost without now. Whether you're looking for the sharpest knives to chop up your veggies or the best tofu press money can buy, we hope our guide helps to find what you're looking for.

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If you've conjured up the BOSH! PBJ brownies or Sticky toffee pudding before you will know we take our plant-based baking very seriously indeed. Having the best bakeware is a MUST in the kitchen. We have tried and tested many brands and products over the years and we thought it would only be fair to share our favourites with you lovely lot.


Let's talk about food blenders. Whether you are whipping up the BOSH! Green Goddess smoothie or our famous biscoff flavoured vegan coffee cake, its very useful to have a good electric blender in the kitchen. Below is a selection of what we believe to be some of the best kitchen blenders ever!

Chopping boards

A good chopping board is a kitchen essential. Firstly, to protect our work surfaces but also to give us a much more secure grip when working with sharp knives! We really believe a decent chopping board is something to invest in. Here is just a small selection of the best chopping boards we would recommend.

Kitchen appliances

Now if you spend a lot of time in the Kitchen like us, you may well be addicted to kitchen appliances too! We love experimenting in the kitchen with tools and appliances that make cooking easier or more fun, so here we have a selection of kitchen appliances we have a fallen in love with over the years!


One of the most important things we think everyone needs in the kitchen is a great set of knives. Not only does it help with speed and accuracy when chopping but It's actually also very dangerous to be chopping with blunt knives. Here we have our top recommended knives and also a good knife sharpener to keep those babies ready for action!

Pots & Pans

Pots and pans! Where do we start! The most important things to look for when pan shopping are the size, shape and what they are made of. We really believe that it's better to buy high quality that will last for years rather than having to buy new cheap ones regularly. We also prefer to buy pans which are super versatile. Here are our favourite pans- which all work on flame or an induction hobs.

Gadgets & Utensils

Who doesn't love a good kitchen gadget ey?! We really have tried our fare share of kitchen gadgets and now really don't know what we did without some of them! Whether you're looking for the best tofu press or vegetable peelers, we are here to share all of our secrets with you.


We love a bit of kitchen organisation here at BOSH! HQ! Whether it's saving food for the next day and popping it into a tupperware or nipping to the package free shop to fill up our jars! That is super satisfying. Here are a few of our MUST haves in the kitchen when it comes to organisation.


Who else is a collector of pretty tableware? We just can't get enough of it! A good bowl or plate to present the food we have just slaved over is the perfect touch! Especially if you're having a dinner party. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Oven gloves & Tea towels

Another essential when cooking is a good oven glove to keep your hands safe. We also go through lots of tea towels as they are just so handy! Here are a selection of our favourites. Enjoy!