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BOSH! Wins PETA UK Award

BOSH! Wins PETA UK Award

You can read the full article published by Plant Based News here.

We are hyped to announce that the BOSH! Cookbook won 'Best Book' in the 2018 #VeganFoodAwards by PETA UK

It's honestly been the most inspiring year and we are humbled by everything that's happened.

So many people are making incredible moves to help the entire world eat more plants.

Yes we know there is a lot more to do, and we have a long way to go, and the climate is still not looking good. But we always have a choice of perspective, and the positive way to look at where we are right now is that in just 3 years an incredible amount has changed.

1. Most restaurants now have vegan menus or vegan options, meaning plant-based food for everyone, whether they are vegans, veggies or otherwise .

2. Young people are making their own decisions about food, health and wellness and not just living life like their parents did. This gives us big hope for the future. .

3. Most top chefs are now getting on board with the plant-based vegan hype and creating recipes, menus and even cookbooks focused on plants.

4. Vegan and plant-based cookbooks and channels (and even lifestyle channels) are growing at huge pace and doing incredibly well.

Big love to you all and let's all keep doing what we are doing!

Whoever you are, whatever you are doing, every human on this planet will benefit by eating more plants! 2764.png❤️