Braised Jackfruit Chilli

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What should I cook a vegan for dinner? If this is a question you are searching for, or maybe it's for you... and you are a chilli fan, then the BOSH Jackfruit chilli is definitely one to try! If you haven't tried a Jackfruit recipe before, we love to use it as a meat alternative, which gives a 'meaty' and 'shredded' look, perfect to replicate a braised lamb or braised beef...but of course we only make animal free recipes, 100% plant based, vegan and veggie friendly. One of our favourite street food spots in London is @biffs_uk . He makes a bangin' chilli so we asked him if we could riff off his recipe and make our own version to feature in our 4th book, Healthy Vegan. Our version is kinda like a quick, cheat-y version of his but still proper tasty. I t's got rich, deep flavours, great texture and it's genuinely really healthy. Basically, if truth be told, IS A CERTIFIED WIN!

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For the spice mix

<item-todo-done>2 tsp chilli powder<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>½ tsp salt<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>2 tsp ground cumin<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>¼ tsp allspice<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>¼ tsp ground cinnamon<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 tsp dried oregano<item-todo-done>

For the chilli

<item-todo-done>1 tbsp olive oil - plus extra for drizzling<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>2 tsp soy sauce<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>2 red onions<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 x 400g can(s) of jackfruit<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 celery stick<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>6 garlic cloves<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 red bell pepper<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 yellow bell pepper<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 x 400g can of kidney beans drained<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>50g walnuts<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>2 x 400g cans of plum tomatoes<item-todo-done><item-todo-done> tsp salt<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 bay leaf<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 dried Ancho Chilli - optional<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>30g dark chocolate<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>100ml water<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 carrot<item-todo-done>

To serve

<item-todo-done>500g basmati rice cooked - or 2 x 250g bags microwaveable basmati rice<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 lime<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>100g mixed salad<item-todo-done>

Before you start

Preheat the oven to 220°C l Line a baking tray l Fine grater or microplane l Large saucepan or wok

First, prep the jackfruit

  • Mix all the spice mix ingredients together in a small bowl
  • Drain the jackfruit, rinse under a cold tap and pat dry with a clean tea towel or kitchen paper
  • Put the jackfruit on a chopping board and use two forks to pull it apart into pieces
  • Pat the jackfruit dry again
  • Transfer the jackfruit pieces to the lined baking tray
  • Drizzle with a little olive oil, sprinkle over half of the spice mix and mix to coat
  • Put the tray in the oven and roast the jackfruit for 20–30 minutes

Now, make the chilli

  • Peel and finely chop the red onions
  • Trim and thinly slice the celery
  • Peel and dice the carrot (use a food processor to chop the vegetables if you like)
  • Peel and grate the garlic
  • Trim, halve and core the peppers and cut them into bite-sized chunks
  • Rip the stems from the chillies and thinly slice (remove the seeds if you prefer)
  • Drain and rinse the kidney beans
  • Roughly chop the walnuts

Heat the olive oil in the large saucepan or wok over a medium heat

  • Add the onions and the pinch of salt and stir for 3–4 minutes
  • Add the garlic and stir for 1 minute
  • Add the celery and carrot and cook, stirring, for 3 minutes
  • Add the remaining spice mix and stir for 30 seconds
  • Add the peppers and chillies and stir for 3–4 minutes
  • Add the walnuts, roasted jackfruit, plum tomatoes, bay leaf, ancho chilli (if using), dark chocolate, drained kidney beans, soy sauce and the water to the pan or wok
  • Turn the heat down and leave the chilli to simmer and thicken for 12–15 minutes

Time to serve

  • Remove the ancho chilli and bay leaf from the pan or wok
  • Prepare the rice
  • Cut the lime into wedges
  • Serve the chilli over the rice, with a small side salad and lime wedges
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