We exist to give you everything you need to enjoy delightful food that is incredibly satisfying and tasty, all using just plants. So, whether you’re thinking about reducing the amount of meat you eat, or you don’t eat animal products at all, our recipes and products are perfect for you.

If you’d told us ten years ago we were going to spend our lives cooking and eating amazing plant-based food, we wouldn’t have believed you. We were a couple of mates from Sheffield who ate meat every single week.

Now we run BOSH!, the biggest plant-based online channel in the world. Our recipes have been viewed by over half a billion people, we’ve sold over 1 million of our best-selling cookbooks and have products in major supermarkets around the world. We never expected to have that kind of success, and it has been humbling.


Co-Founder, CEO

I mocked Ian when he went vegan and asked him where he’d get his protein from but eventually he won me over. That, and the whole saving the world by not eating mass-produced animal products thing. After cutting out animal products entirely, I felt fantastic.

When we turned plant-based, we had to re-learn how to cook and find food when we were out and about. We saw an opportunity. Since then, it’s been our life mission to show people how to make delicious plant-based recipes, however often they choose to do that.


Co-Founder, CEO

After six years of eating plant-based food, we’ve mastered a new style of cooking, one made popular through a new breed of internet chefs, where novelty and wow-factor presentation are just as important as taste and ease.

Everything we do is aimed at showing just how easy it is to eat more plants. We also want to prove how delicious, hearty and satisfying plant-based food can be. We cook, drink and film delicious recipes for the world, all from our office in London.


We promise you’ll find fail-safe family favourites, deliciously speedy dinners, showstoppers that’ll impress even the most staunch steak-lover, tasty snacks to enjoy on-the-go, outrageously good puds to share and awesome cocktails to enjoy, every single one bursting with flavour.

To make eating plants even easier for you we’ve created a range of delicious products that everyone will love. From the best tasting nutritional yeast, to rocky road bars, creamy sauces and much more. Whatever it is you want to make plants taste great, we’ve got something to help.

We love the planet and are committed to making an impact on the climate. We've partnered with Klimato to track our food-related emissions and are constantly working towards reducing our climate impact. We want to give you more planet-friendly food choices, so we've also introduced climate labelling on our recipes.

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