Creamy Lemony Linguini with Exotic Mushrooms

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We love a pasta dish. This recipe is absolutely delicious, feels really refined so would make excellent date night food, and it only takes about 15 minutes to whip up! What's not to love?

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For the linguine

<item-todo-done>2 tbsp olive oil<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 tbsp plant-based butter<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>300g mixed mushrooms<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>2 garlic cloves<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>150ml white wine<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>250ml oat cream<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>30g parsley<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>400g linguine<item-todo-done><item-todo-done> Salt & pepper to taste<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>2 banana shallots<item-todo-done>

To serve

<item-todo-done>100g rocket<item-todo-done><item-todo-done> Salt & pepper to taste<item-todo-done>

Before you start

Large saucepan with a lid | Microplane | Grater

Prepare the ingredients

  • Slice the mushrooms
  • Peel and finely slice the shallots
  • Peel and grate the garlic
  • Zest and juice the lemon
  • Pick the parsley leaves and finely chop

Start the sauce

  • Warm the olive oil in the frying pan over medium high heat
  • Add the mushrooms to the pan along with a generous pinch of salt and pepper and stir for 2 minutes

Cook the pasta

  • Put a large saucepan on the stove, pour the water from the kettle, add a big pinch of salt and the pasta and cook according to package instructions (approx 9 minutes)

Finish the sauce

  • Add the shallots to the pan and stir for 1 minute
  • Add the garlic and lemon zest and stir for 30 seconds
  • Add the white wine, stir and simmer for 2 minutes
  • Add the lemon juice and stir for 30 seconds
  • Turn the heat down to medium, add the vegan butter and stir for 30 seconds
  • Add the oat cream to the pan, stir to combine, reduce the heat slightly and simmer for 3 minutes stirring occasionally

Combine the elements and serve

  • Taste the sauce and season to perfection with a little salt and lots of pepper
  • Use tongs to transfer the linguine into the pan, sprinkle over the parsley and twist the linguine into the sauce
  • Twist the linguine onto serving plates, dress with rockets, season with salt and pepper and serve immediately
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