Halloween Wellington

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We LOVE a wellington. Our Christmas Wellington is one of our most popular recipes to date, and we try to make them as much as we possibly can. So we thought we'd make one especially for Halloween! This is an absolute showstopper of a dish. The flavours are rich and complex, it has a perfect bite and the pastry just tops it off wonderfully. Plus, the gravy accompanies it beautifully. Whether you celebrate halloween or not, this recipe is certainly worth a go.

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For the recipe

<item-todo-done>2 tbsp olive oil<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>2 red onions<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>4 garlic cloves<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>2 celery stick<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>500g pumpkins<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>200g chestnut mushrooms<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 sprig of rosemary<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 sprigs of sage<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 bay leaf<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>10g dried porcini mushrooms - soaked in 500ml boiling water<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>175ml plant-based red wine<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>2 400g can of green lentils<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>3 ready-rolled plant-based puff pastry sheets<item-todo-done><item-todo-done> plant-based milk to brush<item-todo-done><item-todo-done> Salt & pepper to taste<item-todo-done>

Before you start

Preheat the oven to 200°C  | Halloween cookie cutter | Saucepan | Baking tray

Prepare the ingredients

  • Peel and grate the garlic
  • Peel and dice the onions
  • Finely slice the celery
  • Peel and dice the pumpkin (you can also grate the pumpkin if you’re struggling to cut it fine)
  • Dice the mushrooms
  • Pick the rosemary and sage leaves and finely dice
  • Cover the dried porcini mushrooms with 100ml boiling water and leave to soak
  • Drain the lentils

Make the filling

  • Warm the olive oil in the pan over a medium heat
  • Add the red onions and salt and stir for 3 minutes
  • Add the garlic and stir for 1 minute
  • Add the celery and pumpkin to the pan and stir for 4-5 minutes
  • Take the porcini mushrooms out of the water, squeeze them dry and dice (save the water)
  • Add the chestnut mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, rosemary, thyme, bay leaf and salt and pepper to the pan and stir for 4-5 minutes
  • Add the red wine and porcini water to the pan, stir and simmer for 6-7 minutes
  • Add the green lentils to the pan, stir, turn the heat down and simmer for 10 minutes stirring occasionally
  • Take the pan off the stove and leave the mixture to cool down completely

Prepare the decoration

  • Unroll one sheet of pastry and use the cookie cutters to cut Halloween shapes
  • Set the shapes to one side on a piece of baking paper
  • Save the excess pastry for a different recipe

Make the wellington

  • Unroll one of the two remaining sheets of pastry, on the baking paper it comes wrapped in, onto a baking sheet
  • Spoon the filling into the middle of the pastry and use your hands to press and shape it into a smooth mound making sure there is at least one inch of exposed pastry all round the mound
  • Brush the exposed pastry with dairy free milk
  • Unroll the last sheet of pastry, lay it over the filling and press the edges of the pastry sheets down with your fingers to seal, making sure the top sheet of pastry is tight to the mound of filling
  • Cut the edges of the pastry away with a sharp knife
  • Use a fork to seal the wellington all around the base

Decorate, bake and serve the wellington

  • Brush the whole wellington with dairy free milk
  • Cover the wellington with the Halloween pastry shapes and brush them with dairy free milk
  • Place the wellington in the oven and bake for 40-45 minutes until golden and crispy
  • When the wellington is ready, take it out of the oven, slice it with a bread knife and serve

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