Peri Peri Hasselback Sweet Potato

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Looking for a tasty but speedy plant-based lunch idea? You just can't beat sweet potatoes, they are packed with tasty nutrients, super filling, very versatile and YUMMY! We love to create sweet potato recipes and do some experimenting...and this one is for sure a favourite!

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For the peri peri sweet potatoes

<item-todo-done>3 tsp paprika<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>3 large sweet potatoes<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>2 tsp garlic powder<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>3 tsp onion powder<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 tsp ground ginger<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 tsp salt<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>2 dried oregano<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>½ tbsp lemon juice<item-todo-done>

For the avocado aioli

<item-todo-done>6 tbsp soy milk<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>2 ripe avocado<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>3 tbsp fresh coriander leaves<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 garlic clove<item-todo-done><item-todo-done> Salt & pepper to taste<item-todo-done>

To serve

<item-todo-done> rocket<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 tbsp pomegranate seeds<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 large red chilli<item-todo-done>

Before you start

Preheat the oven to 200℃ | 2 wooden spoons | Mixing bowl | Small mixing bowl | Tin foil | Baking tray | Powerful blender

Prepare the potatoes

  • Take 2 wooden spoons and lay them next to each to each other to form rails
  • Put a sweet potato on top of the rails and use a sharp knife to slice it, very thinly (almost as thin as thick potato chips - be careful not to cut all the way through the sweet potatoes - they need to remain whole)
  • Put the potatoes in a bowl of water and soak them for 10 minutes (this will help the cooking process)

Coat and bake the potatoes

  • Put all the peri peri ingredients in a small mixing bowl and mix them together
  • Place the potatoes on single squares of tin foil, drizzle them with a little bit of olive oil, cover them with the peri peri spice mix (making sure the mix gets in between the slices of potato)
  • Put the potato parcels on a baking tray and bake them for 45-50 minutes (take them out of the oven and open the parcels for the final 10 minutes)

Make the avocado aoili

  • Put all the Avocado Aioli ingredients in the liquidiser and whizz them up into a thick, green cream

Finish and serve

  • Take the potatoes out of the oven, serve them on nests of rocket
  • Drizzle over the avocado aioli and sprinkle over the pomegranate and red chilli seeds

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