Roasted Tomato Grains

Super simple
Super simple
Super simple
Super simple
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The ULTIMATE autumnal recipe our tomato grains are delightfully sweet, sticky and ridiculously tasty! Packed with flavour and made only using a few ingredients these are guaranteed to be your new favourite meal. Find the full recipe below!

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For the Tomatoes

<item-todo-done>1kg mixed tomatoes<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>6 cloves garlic<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>6 sprigs of thyme<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>3 sprigs of rosemary<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>1 tsp caster sugar<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>2 tbsp balsamic vinegar<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>2 tbsp olive oil<item-todo-done><item-todo-done> salt and pepper to taste<item-todo-done>

For the Grains

<item-todo-done>100g baby spinach<item-todo-done><item-todo-done>2 250g bag mixed grains<item-todo-done><item-todo-done> fresh basil leaves<item-todo-done>

Before you start

Oven preheated to 180*C fan | Roasting tin | Large frying pan

Prepare the tomatoes

  • Spread the tomatoes out on a roasting tray,  thyme, rosemary and garlic out on the tray
  • Drizzle over 2 tbsp of the olive oil,  balsamic vinegar and sprinkle with the sugar
  • Season with a good pinch of salt and pepper, put the tray in the oven and roast for 45 minutes until sticky and delicious

Finish and serve

  • Remove the tin from the oven and remove the garlic, rosemary and thyme
  • Squeeze the garlic out the clove and combine with the tomato cooking juices
  • Warm the grains in the frying pan with a splash of water, tomato cooking juices and garlic mix, then stir for 2 minutes
  • Add roasted tomatoes, follows by the spinach and fold into the grains so that the spinach wilts
  • Season with salt and pepper if desired, then into serving bowls and top finish with basil
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