Happiful Magazine X BOSH! Uncover the Secrets of a Perfect Vegan Feast

On a Wednesday afternoon Happiful Magazine and the BOSH boys met in a bustling cafe on London’s Regent Street.

"It’s been four years since the Sheffield-born friends quit eating meat and dairy, and began ‘veganising’ dinner time favourites. From bolognese to burgers, Ian and Henry have devised thousands of meat, dairy and even honey-free versions, which they demonstrate in quick, no-nonsense videos (hence bish, bash, bosh!) on their website and social channels.

Starting out in June 2016, and now uploading a new recording every day, Henry and Ian’s videos reach more than 25 million people each month, with 1.5 billion views since they started.

On top of two best-selling vegan cookbooks – the first is the highest-selling of all-time – towards the end of 2019, Henry and Ian released How To Live Vegan – a handbook endorsed by Russell Brand, which will apparently help you “save the planet and feel amazing”.

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