iNews 11 Best Cookbooks for 2019 X BOSH!

**We were featured in an iNews article called the 11 Best Cookbooks for 2019 along side the likes of Joe Wix, Jamie Oliver and Mary Berry! **

This is talking about our second cookbook, BISH BASH BOSH! which will be out this April in the UK and September in the US. 

"Following on from Henry and Ian’s debut cookbook BOSH! (which happens to be the highest-selling vegan cookbook since records began AND the best-selling cookery book of 2018), is BISH, BASH BOSH!. Featuring 140 completely plant-based recipes that will please both vegans and flexitarians alike, meat-free innovations include faux gras (yes, a vegan fois gras – incredible) and the boys’ signature burgers and roasts."

You can read the full article here.