Our New Book: How To Live Vegan Released 3rd October

We've just put the finishing touches to our brand new book, "How To Live Vegan" and we're super excited for you to read it! It drops on Thursday 3rd October but you can preorder a signed copy right now right here!

We get asked "why are you vegan?" all the time so we decided it was time to answer the question. A big question deserves a big answer so it became very obvious, very quickly, that the only we could answer the question, was to write a book.

"How To Live Vegan" is a complete guide to veganism. We deal with all aspects of "why" and delve deep into "how". We've worked extremely hard on this book and we firmly believe it's going to help legions of people make their transition to a plant based lifestyle a lot easier.
If there's anyone in your life who you think would appreciate a copy of this book, you can preorder one for them for a tenner. Bargain!

Save The Planet. One Change At A Time.
A plant-based lifestyle is better for the environment and our health, but it can be hard to know where to start. Whether you’re already vegan, would like to be a more mindful meat-eater, or simply want to know what all the fuss is about, this little book contains everything you need.
WHAT to eat and how to cook it
WHERE to find clothes and toiletries
HOW to travel, socialise & thrive

Order HOW TO LIVE VEGAN today!
Available to order in the UK from Amazon | Waterstones