Our New Book: SPEEDY BOSH!

5 years ago we decided to go vegan and the journey since then has been incredible. We have written 4 books which you guys have loved and we are always looking to level up our recipe books to deliver new and exciting recipes for you all to enjoy.

One thing that has been more of a focus recently is speed. How can we cook mouth watering recipes in the quickest time possible? Well, that question led to us writing our brand new book which we are so exited to announce today!

Speedy BOSH! - Out 17th September 2020 

This book contains over 100 brand new, super quick recipes that are incredibly easy and of course all plant-based. You can cook them all in 20 mins or less, with really simple ingredients you can pick up at your local supermarket. The very definition of BOSH!

A big shoutout to all everyone who has supported us through this incredible journey, we’re so privileged and grateful to do what we do!