The Times X BOSH! "One Of 2018 Biggest Trends"

We're in today's The Times and The Sunday Times in an article about Foodie Trends 2018! A quote from the article reads: 

_They say that print is dying. Well not in food-book publishing it's not. Paper factories continue to churn out cookbook like woodchippers spew out, er, woodchip as chefs and cooks clamour to "do a book". Fans wait eagerly to get their hands on one (before taking them home and never looking at them again). _

_Then, like an avalanche of Tory ministerial resignations, came the vegan snowball. It had slow beginnings among shampoo-averse hippies in the 1970s, but now vegans are parking their tanks on all of our lawns. _

_The publisher Quadrille is pumping out Gaz Oakley's Vegan 100 and Katy Beskow's 15-Minute Vegan Comfort Food. _

_Vegans now come in pairs. There is the beardy, black-shirted plant-munching duo BOSH! (expect a book). And the Irish brothers the Happy Pear (beards and mainly doing handstands), who come with an entire food range. _

We are hyped that there is so much love going around for the vegan movement right now, and that is getting so much attention. There are a load of good books coming out this year - and we highly recommend you check out The Happy Pear (and their amazing cook books) as well as the absolute wizard Gaz Oakley's cookbook (and his YouTube channel). We're also hyped about Derek and Chad Sarno's Wicked Healthy cookbook which is due in May (which they did not mention in this article). 

Of course we highly recommend you get the BOSH! Cookbook - you can find that here.