BOSH! and Grubby have come together in an exciting new partnership to develop a range of 30 recipes that customers can order straight to their door from the Grubby website accompanied by their renowned prep-playlists to cook along to. It’s the first time that millions that millions of BOSH! fans will be able to get their hands on the recipes from their iconic books in one handy, ready to prepare box of ingredients. 

BOSH! have become a household name with their pioneering approach to vegan recipes, releasing multiple best-selling recipe books that have paved the way for vegan home cooking in the UK. 

Grubby is now the UK’s highest-rated recipe kit and they’ve quickly become the leading plant-based provider in the market. 

Martin, Founder and CEO of Grubby commented:
This is a big moment for us. We’ve been fans of Henry and Ian’s work for some time and when we first got talking it was clear our values and missions to make plant-based cooking more accessible to the world were joined at the hip. There was an obvious partnership to be had and it’s been a lot of fun working with the guys to make it happen. We’re very excited to get these recipes out into the wild!”

BOSH! and Grubby have developed an initial range of over 30 dishes all with flavour and simplicity at the forefront, using the highest quality sustainably sourced ingredients. They’ve covered an eclectic range of cuisines from BOSH! classics like their ‘Dan Dan Smoked Tofu Noodles’ and ‘Rogan BOSH!’ to twists on fan favourites like their ‘Cowboy Chilli Trash Browns’ and ‘Orzo Ragu Risotto’. There’s some tasty looking dishes in there, which are very appealing on the eye!

Ian, Co-founder at BOSH! commented:
“We’re really pleased to be working with Grubby. Recipe kits are an incredibly efficient way for people to cook BOSH! food at home, d, delivering fresh, pre-portioned ingredients direct to people’s homes makes cooking plant-based food hassle free and really enjoyable.”

BOSH! will be featuring at least two recipes every week on the Grubby menu this year and the two companies have plans to expand the range as demand dictates throughout 2023 and beyond.

Henry, Co-Founder at  BOSH! added:
“Our mission to put more plants on plates perfectly aligns with Grubby’s ambition to inspire people to cook more plants. We’re really impressed with some of the little touches Grubby have incorporated into their product, particularly the impact tracker. The tracker analyses every recipe against the non-plant based equivalent, allowing customers to see the unique carbon savings and the positive impact of every box they buy.”

BOSH! recipes are now available to order at and they’ll be featuring new recipes every week for many months to come.

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