Our 5 Best Air Fryer Recipes

While air fryers have been around for some time, there’s no doubt they’ve become one of the top cooking purchases in 2022. So, why have air fryers become the must-have kitchen item over the past year or so? 

Well, they’ve been found to be significantly more cost-effective in terms of energy use than a standard oven, with consumer demand rocketing by 3,000% as people attempt to reduce their energy bills. According to research from Utilita Energy, air fryers cost an average of £55.71 a year compared to the £335.57 it takes to heat up a larger oven.

But there are other benefits to owning an air fryer too. They cook food quickly, with little to no oil, making them popular with dieters. They also crisp food up allowing you to enjoy everything from mouth-watering chips to delicious loaded potato skins. Cooking plant-based products this way is a breeze too – so check out our healthy air fryer recipes. 

Tso Tofu

Did you know that you can achieve crispy, sticky and sweet tofu in the air fryer? As one of the best vegan air fryer recipes around, this dish will drive your tastebuds crazy with its rich flavours and super healthy ingredients. 
There are many ways to cook tofu, but this Chinese takeaway-inspired dish is great for a Friday night, or a midweek treat. For an extra nutty taste, try frying the sesame seeds first in a pan before sprinkling over the top. On a budget as well as a health kick? Then this is the recipe for you.

Chicken in a Basket 

No, we haven’t lost our minds - we’re talking vegan chicken here, naturally. Phew! Believe it or not, we’ve turned tofu into beautiful crispy nuggets that are perfect when you’re in need of something with a bit of a crunch. This is one of our fave air fryer recipes – we can’t believe it’s not meat and you won’t either. Our Chicken in a Basket creation can be enjoyed with a delicious chipotle mayo for added flavour and makes for the perfect air fryer snack if you’re chilling with friends and relatives at home.

Salt and Pepper Tofu 

Bet you didn’t think there were so many things you could do with tofu? Well, surprise! Our Salt and Pepper Tofu is a fake takeaway dish that’s surprisingly indulgent and can be whipped up (or maybe that should be crisped up?)  quickly in the air fryer. Not only will it save you money compared to an actual fast food delivery but it tastes super good (if we must say so ourselves). Soft and chewy on the inside but super crispy on the outside, this flavoursome treat comes with a deliciously sweet sauce and is garnished with sesame seeds and spring onions. We’re not drooling, you’re drooling…

Donut Cookie Dippers 

When it comes to the best air fryer recipes, this is a real winner. Designed to satisfy your sweet tooth, this dairy free, vegan friendly sensation combines two of the best things in this world - donuts and cookies. Naughty but nice and easy to make, our Donut Cookie Dippers come with a homemade fruit-filled dipping syrup that’s sure to get your taste buds tingling. So whether you’re planning a cheeky date night or simply want an after school/holiday snack for the kids, this hits all the right spots.

Popcorn Falafel

Calling all hummus lovers! Our Popcorn Falafel snacks are sure to blow your mind. Packed with ingredients that vegans can eat guilt-free, these little bites of crispy heaven are perfect for a night of guilty pleasures, including a chick-flick movie marathon or some old school classics - Jaws anyone? Gremlins? Bridget Jones? Your friends will be amazed if you come out of the kitchen with a plate of these and some hummus and salad sides. Yum. 
If you love the look of our food so far, check out some more recipes here – we’ve got plenty of great air fryer recipes and lots of other meal time inspiration, too.

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