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Living On The Veg

Living On The Veg

BOSH! HQ are delighted to introduce you to Living On The Veg, our fantastic new all-vegan cookery series that ran for 10-weeks on ITV from 12th Jan.

Following the success of having our mugs all over the socials, and several bestselling cookery books (thanks, guys, we freakin’ love you too) under our belts, we we’re thrilled to bring our unique brand of plant-powered enthusiasm to TV, hoping to spread the word on easy, healthy, plant-based living to as many people as possible.

Tune to ITV Hub, to see us doing what we do best. We’ll be inviting you into our kitchen, whipping up our favourite dishes and proving once and for all, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that a plant-based lifestyle isn’t just easy, it’s downright delicious.

We’ll be getting down and dirty with all of your fuss-free vegan faves. Pizzas, burgers, curries, pies, hangover-busting breakfasts, perfect puddings and a whole lot more. We’ll be walking you through a new weekly menu every episode, so you’ll never run out of ideas (not if we have anything to say about it).

It’s 2020. More of us than ever before are taking the plunge on giving up meat, fish and dairy. Plant-based living has never been more appealing with chefs, restaurants and supermarkets across the globe encouraging the population to eat more greens. We know that a plant-based diet does wonders for energy levels, weight management and a whole host of other health benefits, so why not give it a go? Bringing this message to the masses and encouraging our viewers to take a walk on the green side is a passion of ours, one we’re beyond excited to be putting into action with this new series.

You can catch up on episodes here, and let us help you start living on the veg! And if we've inspired you to get cooking, check out the ton of brilliant recipes in our library or grab one of our books to keep you going until the next episode.

Big love,

Henry & Ian x